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Centers & Institutes

Center for Advancing Exercise and Nutrition Research on Aging (CAENRA)

The Center for Advancing Exercise and Nutrition Research on Aging (CAENRA) focuses on developing unique exercise and nutritional interventions for the amelioration of chronic diseases and functional declines that occur in aging with the intent to enhance quality of life and longevity.

Center for Better Health and Life for Underserved Populations

The FSU Center on Better Health and Life for Underserved Populations (BHL Center) focuses on developing and testing model higher education and community-based programs to address health disparities in underserved populations. The specific mission of the BHL Center is to help underserved populations have better health and life through transdisciplinary research and program development.

Center for Couple & Family Therapy

Marriage and Family Therapy is a discipline for individuals with backgrounds in family studies, psychology, social work, counseling, and other areas. It is a program designed for those desirous of learning more about theory, research and clinical training with families, couples, individuals, and children from a relational or systems perspective.

FSU Retail Center

The Center for Retail Merchandising and Product Development, known as The Retail Center, was created in 2006. The Center is part of Florida State University’s Department of Retail Merchandising and Product Development within the College of Human Sciences. It provides a channel for communications and exchange between the retail industry and Florida State University’s nearly 1000 merchandising, textiles, and apparel design majors, and 15 affiliated faculty members.

Family Institute

The FSU Family Institute is a multidisciplinary unit established to bring together faculty, students, government, and community resources to provide a centralized source of information, research capacity, and critical thinking related to families.

Institute of Sports Sciences and Medicine

The Institute of Sports Sciences and Medicine serves as a multidisciplinary, developmental center, providing research and educational programs in sports sciences, sports medicine, athletic/human performance, and injury prevention to the medical and scientific community and the general public.