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Retail, Merchandising & Product Development


The Department of Retail, Merchandising and Product Development (RMPD) nearly 800 majors—one of the largest programs of this kind in the United States—participate in an industry-savvy curriculum producing graduates who can contribute immediately to the retail and retail-related companies who hire them.Retail and retail-related jobs are critical, as indicated by the Florida Retail Federation, because:

  • Fact: Retailing is Florida's second largest employment industry (also true for the US).Fact: Florida retailers provide 1 out of every 5 jobs (also true for the US).
  • Fact: Florida retailers provide over $20 billion in wages annually.
  • Fact: Florida retailers collect and remit over $13.4 billion in sales and retail-related taxes. 

The Retail, Merchandising and Product Development curriculum prepares its graduates through a strong focus on industry technology and the complex processes involved in the merchandising function, including business strategy, design, product development, planning, allocating, buying, distribution, personnel management, floor merchandising, and sales. RMPD ties to over 200 companies, government agencies, and trade organizations offer RMPD majors outstanding internship and placement opportunities.