Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Joe Grzywacz

PhD, University of Wisconsin

Work and Family, Vitality/Positive Health, Disease Prevention and Management, Health Disparities, Occupational Health, Latino Immigrants, Community-Based Participatory Research, Translational Science.

Dr. Bethany Blair

PhD, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Social and emotional development of children and adolescents; friendship quality; parenting; social technology as a developmental context.

Dr. Ming Cui

PhD, Iowa State University

Adolescent and young adult development; parenting; interpersonal relationships; research methods and statistics.

Dr. Frank Fincham

PhD, Oxford University (UK)

Personal relationships: marriage/partnerships, particularly cognitive processes involved in conflict; the impact of interparental conflict/divorce on children; forgiveness in families; substance abuse in families, particularly the impact of parent training in the treatment of paternal alcohol and dependence.

Dr. Melinda Gonzales-Backen

PhD, Arizona State University

Ethnic identity formation among Latino and bi-ethnic adolescents; familial ethnic socialization processes; cultural processes and adolescent psychosocial outcomes.

Dr. gregory Harris

PhD, Florida State University

Family stress, resilience and caregiving in racially and ethnically diverse families; health promotion, wellness, and disease prevention in cardiovascular health, substance abuse prevention and community empowerment.

Dr. Kendal Holtrop

PhD, Michigan State University

Parenting and evidence-based parenting interventions; The implementation, adaptation, and evaluation of psychosocial interventions for underserved populations in community settings.

Dr. Jonathan Kimmes

PhD, Kansas State University

Investigating the link between mindfulness and adult attachment and how they alter perceptions in couple and family relationships, as well as empathy, forgiveness, and closeness.

Dr. Murray Krantz

PhD, Pennsylvania State University

Social development of children.

Dr. Mallory Lucier-Greer

PhD, Auburn University

Couple and family processes in military families, low-resource families, and stepfamilies; intersection of risk and resilience in complex families; applications to educational and clinical settings.

Dr. Lenore McWey

PhD, Florida State University

Therapeutic and evidence-based parenting interventions with families involved with the foster care system; mental health of families at-risk; best practices in marriage and family therapy.

Dr. Penny Ralston

PhD, Pennsylvania State University

Community-based programs for older adults focusing health promotion for underserved populations; program development in higher education.

Dr. Marsha Rehm

PhD, University of Minnesota

Use of theories of creativity, aesthetics, narrative, and critical science. Vocational development and vocation as calling and indulgent parenting.

Dr. Jenna Scott

PhD, Florida State University

Parenting processes; mindfulness-based interventions; adolescent substance use; and community based participatory research.