Preceptors & Supervised Practice Facilities

Preceptor Training

Training is provided to new preceptors by the DI Director on her visit with the preceptor before interns are scheduled for the facility. All preceptors, new and old, are encouraged to complete the Preceptor Training Module found on the website. Head preceptors must not allow their dietitians to supervise the intern until they have satisfactorily completed at least 1 year of work at the facility and the preceptor training module. Situations that would necessitate training would be hiring of new preceptors and when changes are made in the policies and procedures of the internship program. Preceptors who consistently receive similar negative evaluations from students deemed to be urgent will be approached and retrained. (IP Standard 16.3)

Selecting and periodically evaluating adequacy and appropriateness of facility

All facilities utilized by the Dietetics Internship are accredited by the appropriate regulating agencies such as JCAHO, Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, USDA, FDA, the Florida Bureau of Professional Regulations and other entities. (IP Standard 1.1)

Policy to ensure facilities are able to provide supervised practice learning

The internship director is in constant contact with preceptors and is immediately notified if the preceptor or facility cannot accommodate interns. It is the internship director’s responsibility to coordinate rotation schedules and placements of the interns year round. (IP Standard 15.2)

Maintenance of written agreements with institutions that provide supervised practice experiences to meet the competencies

Legal and binding affiliation agreements between the FSU and each of the training facilities are maintained and reviewed annually to ensure that these are up to date. In most cases, it is the facility that usually initiates renewal of the agreement. If not, the program the program takes the initiative to keep the contract current. Internship rotations do not take place until an agreement has been completed between the FSU and the facility. (IP Standard 19.1)