Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology

The doctoral program in Exercise Physiology major, prepares students for careers in academia and professions which enhance physical well-being, health, and human performance.  It provides a firm foundation in essential scientific knowledge, technical know-how, and practical skills through teaching, research, publication, and service. Current research includes energy balance and human performance, cardiovascular health, sarcopenia, and the prevention of chronic diseases.

The mission of the graduate Exercise Physiology program at Florida State University is to conduct research, train students to generate and apply knowledge, and to provide public service in the areas of exercise and human performance.  The Department’s resources for the Exercise Physiology program include a cardiovascular laboratory and two exercise physiology laboratories for studying human performance, exercise metabolism, and cardiovascular and muscle physiology.  Our research laboratories contain an environmental chamber, a DEXA unit, computerized systems for the measurement of oxygen uptake, blood lactate and blood gas analyzers, and various additional equipment necessary for biochemical assessments.

Application Process

For requirements on applying to the program, curriculum and more information, please visit the Admission Information page for the doctoral program in Exercise Physiology.


A related degree is required and the completion of core coursework for the associated master’s degree program offered at FSU (or the equivalent) is highly recommended.  (These courses may be found on the curriculum sheets posted on the master's academic pages.