M.S. in Exercise Physiology, Sports Nutrition

The major in Sports Nutrition integrates the major aspects of a degree in Food and Nutrition into a degree in Exercise Physiology. This dual focus allows the student to gain a better understanding of how both nutrition and exercise influence human performance, health, and disease. Having Nutrition Science and Exercise Physiology housed in the same department enhances the coursework and research in this area. Sports Nutrition is a growing area of interest and a major highlight for many students who want to learn not just about clinical nutrition, but also how nutrition is applied to both health and human performance.

A Dietetics Internship option is built into the Sports Nutrition curriculum for those interested in becoming a Registered Dietitian. Visit the program's website for more information about the ACEND accredited DI program at Florida State University, requirements, and how to apply.

Application Process

For requirements on applying to the program, curriculum and more information, please visit the Admission Information page for the M.S. program in Exercise Physiology, Sports Nutrition.


(Note: Starting Fall 2017, students have the option to take the undergraduate Exercise Physiology leveling course the first semester of their graduate program.) Satisfactory grades must be earned in all prerequisite courses; minimums greater than a C are listed by the courses.  The required prerequisite undergraduate courses for the master’s in Sports Nutrition program are:

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Science of Nutrition (B minus or better)
  • Nutrition and Sports
  • Anatomy & Physiology I and lab (C+ or better)
  • Intro to Biochemistry 
  • Metabolism of Nutrients

If applying to the Sports Nutrition master’s program +DI: you will also need either Survey of Organic Chemistry or Organic Chemistry I & II and lab. You must have completed (or be in the process of completing) the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) requirements before being eligible to apply for the Dietetic Internship (DI).