There are several student organizations that are part of the College of Human Sciences. Ask your individual departments for more information on departmental organizations.

College of Human Sciences Leadership Council (CLC)

The College Leadership Council is an undergraduate group within the College of Human Sciences and shall serve in an advisory and leadership capacity to act as an advocate and liaison between undergraduate students and the College; work with the CHS administration to provide a student-centered perspective in decision making and implementation of goals, projects, and initiatives. The CHS-College Leadership Council will also oversee beneficial programming for students to attempt to secure long term connections to the College of Human Sciences, encourage philanthropy, leadership and improve opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC)

The Graduate Student Advisory Council, within the College of Human Sciences, serves as a communication link between students, faculty and administration; as an advocate for graduate students by establishing priorities, presenting ideas, and recommending policies and procedures concerning the College; the needs of graduate students through peer mentoring; and to promote and facilitate interest in graduate education and scholarly activities.

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