Family and Child Sciences

Degree: Bachelor of Science 

Limited Access: No

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The Family and Child Sciences program introduces students to applied developmental sciences, emphasizing human development and family life in different settings, such as neighborhoods and communities. It provides students with an introduction to working in applied settings, including human service agencies and organizations, education, childcare settings, and government agencies. The program requires a 12-hour minor or area of concentration in one of a variety of other academic areas which is individually planned and designed to enhance each student’s breadth and/or marketability. With early planning, double majoring or double minoring is a possibility and is encouraged.

Prerequisite Coursework

There are five (5) required prerequisite courses for total of fifteen (15) credit hours. The required prerequisites may also be used to meet General Education requirements. Each must be completed with a final grade of B-minus or higher.

CHD X220 (3) Child Growth and Development
FAD X230 (3) Family Relationships
STA 2XXX (3) Statistics. (Students may select any 2000-level statistics course; STA 2122 is preferred)
CHD X243 (3) Contexts of Adolescent Development (must be taken the first semester at FSU as a transfer student)
FAD X343 Contexts of Adult Development and Aging (must be taken the first semester at FSU as a transfer student)

Note: State-wide common prerequisites are always under review. For the most current information and for acceptable alternative courses, visit the “Common Prerequisites Manual.” This is available from the “Student Services” section of


Requirements for Progression to and Continuation in the Upper-Division Major
Students must complete at least 52 hours of credit with an adjusted GPA of 2.0 on FSU coursework and at least half the required hours in General Education courses (including all English composition and mathematics) or an A.A. Degree, and complete each required prerequisite course with the required final grade or enrolled in the last prerequisite.

Departmental policy on grades and progress in the major
A grade of B-minus or higher must be earned in the prerequisite courses (listed above). Students are only allowed two attempts in two of the five courses to achieve the required final grade of a B-minus. If the required B-minus is not made in three or more of the courses in the first attempt or the B-minus is not made in the second attempt, then the student cannot continue in or enter into the major. This takes into consideration any graded attempt at any institution.

Major Program of Studies

(55 hours)

Family and Child Science Prerequisite Courses (15 hours)
(listed above)

Human Sciences Core (3 hours)
Select one course offered by the College of Human Sciences, must come from outside this major.

Required Major Courses (25 hours)
CHD 3472 (3) Child Guidance
CHD 4537 (3) Parenting
CHD 4615 (3) Public Policy: Child and Family Issues
CHD 4630 (3) Methods of Studying Families and Children
FAD 3432 (3) Stress and Resilience in Individuals and Families
FAD 4265 (3) Family Diversity
FAD 4805* (6) Practicum in Family & Child Science (must complete with final grade of B-minus or higher) 
FAD 4932* (1) Pre-Professional Development (must have 90 credit hours completed)

* FCS Capstone Experience, see section below

Capstone Experiences

As part of the department's professional development sequence, all students must complete both FAD 4932 (Pre-Professional Development) and FAD 4805 (Practicum in FCS).

FAD 4932

FAD 4932 must be completed prior to enrolling in FAD 4805. Students should enroll in FAD 4932 in the semester immediately before the semester in which FAD 4805 is to be completed.

Students who fail to earn a grade of C- or better in FAD 4932 can attempt to successfully complete this course ONLY one additional time.

Failure to complete FAD 4932 with the required minimum passing grade of C- on a 2nd attempt will result in the student not meeting the requirements for the degree in Family and Child Sciences.


FAD 4805

To enroll in FAD 4805, students must have senior standing AND 4 of the following 6 courses in the major with a grade of at least C-:

CHD 3472: Child Guidance
CHD 4537: Parenting
CHD 4615: Public Policy: Child & Family Issues
CHD 4630: Methods of Studying Families & Children
FAD 3432: Stress and Resilience in Individual Families
FAD 4265: Family Diversity

Course Registration for FAD 4805 is handled within the Department of Family and Child Sciences (SAN 225). To register, students must bring a copy of your (1) current enrollment schedule, (2) unofficial transcripts, and (3) security badge (verification of passing background check).

Note: FAD 4805 requires 150 hours of service at a placement site. The registration form for FAD 4805 is located in Sandels 225.

Minor or Area of Concentration

(12 hours)

Minor/concentration must be approved by a department advisor.

Directed Individual Study (DIS)


Some students desire specialized experience in addition to the required and elective courses. Directed Individual Study or "DIS" (CHD / FAD 4905) provides such experience. Students must obtain a faculty supervisor within FCS and complete the necessary form. In collaboration with the faculty member, students work out a rationale, objectives, and method of evaluation. Once the form is completed and signed by both the faculty and student, it must be approved by the Department Chair before the student can be enrolled in the DIS course.

Employment Information

Salary Information: National Association of Colleges and Employers, Occupational Outlook Handbook

Representative Job Titles Related to this Major (Bachelor's Level): Educational/activities program director, Child Support Investigator, Child Protective Investigator, Family Support Worker, Juvenile Probation Officer, Corrections Officer, Advocate, Legislative Analyst, Residential Care Counselor, Parent Educator, Social and Community Services Manager, Teacher.

Representative Employers: Boys and Girls Clubs of America; Broadview Assisted Living at Tallahassee; Head Start Development Center; Department of Children and Families; Department of Health-Child and Adolescent Health, Family and Community Health; Area Agency on Aging, Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence; Ronald MacDonald House; Department of Juvenile Justice; Leon Advocacy and Resource Center; Advocacy Center for persons with Disabilities; Guardian ad litem; Florida Legislature; Speaker of the House; Department of Elder Affairs ; Boys Town; Elder Care Services Inc.; Department of Health-Family and Community Health; Lutheran Social Services; Mothers in Crisis; Big Bend Homeless Coalition; Capital Area Community Action Agency ; Florida Network of Youth and Family Services; Preschool and elementary education.