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College of Human Sciences

Optimizing Human Performance

Dyadic Data Analysis Workshop

The workshop will be led by Dr. Thomas Ledermann from the Department of Family and Child Sciences at Florida State University. Dr. Ledermann is a leading figure in dyadic data analysis who, in collaboration with David Kenny, developed several procedures that are now used routinely in the analysis of dyadic data.

Topics covered will include:

  • Principles of Dyadic Research
  • Models for Analyzing Dyadic Data
  • The Actor-Partner Interdependence Model
  • Patterns in the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model
  • Meditation in the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model
  • Similarity using the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model
  • Longitudinal Actor-Partner Interdependence Models
  • Dyadic Growth Curve Modeling


May 8-10


Florida State University College of Human Sciences (Sandels Building) 120 Convocation Way • Tallahassee, FL • 32306


$400* (includes lunch each day)