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College of Human Sciences

Optimizing Human Performance

Health Professions Learning Community

HPLC Program Mission and Goal:

The mission of the Health Professions Learning Community is to provide unique programs, service learning initiatives, on-site academic advising, social and educational opportunities for pre-health profession students in a strong community environment.

The Health Professions Learning Community brings together students pursuing careers in allied health, athletic training, dentistry, medicine, physical/occupational therapy and other health related professions in a dynamic, engaging environment. This community strives to foster the exploration of these professions through academic courses, social and educational programming, unique services and connections to campus and community resources.

Angela Sehgal, EDD, ATC, LAT

Program Director Athletic Training Education and PHPLC

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Michele Garber, MS, ATC, LAT

Assistant Department Chair
Associate Program Director Athletic Training and Health Professions Learning Community

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John Dilks, Adjunct Faculty-EMR Dir.

Academic and Special Program Offerings

List Courses Offered in Fall:

  • PET 1081- LLC Colloquium
  • ATR 3112- First Responder Course for Emergency Medical Responders
  • ATR 3802-First Responder Practicum for Emergency Medical Responders
  • Professional Rescuer Certification Workshop

List Courses Offered in Spring:

  • ATR 3112- First Responder Course for Emergency Medical Responders
  • ATR 3802-First Responder Practicum for Emergency Medical Responders
  • APK 2001-Medical Terminology

Required Medical Shadowing

Previous Medical Shadowing Experiences

Hospitalist                          Dermatology                     Wound Care                       Urology
Pediatrics                            Pediatric PT                        Pharmacy                            Hospital-Dietetics
Veterinary                          Internal                                Nursing                                Chiropractic
Emergency                          Dentistry                             Surgery                                Optometry

OB/GYN                               Radiology                            Primary Care                      Occupational Therapy
Orthodontics                     Cardiology                          Community Health        

Medical Response Unit/FORCE Student Group/Athletic Training/Sports Medicine Observations

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